Love Hugs

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Marriage Workshop PMB

A Biblical Portrait of Marriage is one of Walk Thru the Bible's
Classic Series studies. The Classics are those studies that have
provided such rich spiritual awareness and deep personal growth that
they have remained relevant over the course of time.

God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman, for better, for
worse, for life. A marriage is a relationship, a partnership, a
companionship, designed and created by God. But marriages are not
without problems. God wants the partnership of your marriage to be the
solution to your problems.

In A Biblical Portrait of Marriage, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson
outlines six partnership principles and six problem-solving
strategies—enough to move any marriage from bland to grand!

The first six sessions cover the partnership aspect of marriage: The
roles and responsibilities of husbands, wives, and couples. The second
six sessions tackle the toughest problems of marriage: In-laws, money,
sex, romance, communication, and loyalty.

With this series, your marriage won't become perfect—but it will become
a more loving, problem-solving partnership! You'll have painted A Biblical Portrait of Marriage

    1. Leaving    
    2. Cleaving    
    3. Helper    
    4. Submitting    
    5. Leader    
    6. Loving    
    7. In-Laws    
    8. Money    
    9. Sex    
    10. Romance    
    11. Communication    
    12. Loyalty

Love Hugs is a commitment to hug your spouse EVERYDAY.